Map x Territory

(Live A/V

Today, hyperconected communities, AI-driven processes, quantum computer clusters and socio-cultural progress share their time and space with ghosts of the past, geopolitical spasms and gestures of profound violence. In a time when we seek new definitions, what constitutes a territory? What does a map show/ explain? What are we and what are the boundaries of who we want to be?

Produced with Tina Cucu
Photography by Lewis Lloyd

Simina Oprescu is a composer and multidisciplinary artist from Bucharest, Romania. She graduated the Dynamic Image and Photography Department at the Bucharest National University of Arts and studied at the department of acousmatic composition at the Royal Conservatory of Mons (Belgium) for one year. She is currently residing in Berlin, continuing her studies at the UdK’s M.A - Sound Studies and Sonic Arts.


Cosmin Nicolae is an anti-disciplinary artist working with image, sound, text to produce works of intimate reflection at the intersection of autoethnography, psychogeography and possible futures. Composes for film, dance, theater, installations. Projects with Teatro Antico di Siracusa, Staatsballet Berlin, Gap x Balenciaga.