Michael Tan is a Berlin-based Australian artist and designer creating imaginative depth in liminal, digital spaces using generative, traditional, and emerging technologies.

Tan is largely inspired by the aesthetics of graphical user interface design and video games.  With additional influences from  nature, his works cast a calming lure that beckons the observer to step through the looking glass into a wondrous world of surrealist exploration. Experimenting with novel combinations of textures, lighting, and motion, Tan turns his artistic lens on specimens which seem  organic and inert. These specimens are at once familiar and utterly alien.

These hybrid worlds are best experienced immersively and expansively, allowing oneself to melt into the hypnotic progression of natural patterns and algorithms evolved through technological selection. Using tools like game engines, real-time data processing and 3D animation, Tan investigates the boundary between the tangible and the ethereal, transitioning through states of matter in the digital aether. His works integrate the evolving applications of artificial intelligence and machine learning with a more nostalgic software preservation aesthetic.

Tan’s works have been showcased at the  Gropius Bau Museum Berlin and Musée d'art contemporain de Montréal.