The ISM Hexadome is an immersive 360-degree audiovisual exhibition combining art and technology. Inspired by ancient Moche iconography and cosmology, The Burial Theme was created in collaboration with Peruvian musician CAO.

Debuting at The Gropius Bau, Berlin the piece is currently showing in numerous locations across North America, including Gray Area, San Francisco and Mutek Montreal, Canada.

Description: Inspired by ancient Moche iconography and cosmology, the work explores the dualities of life/death, generation/destruction, and cohesion/dispersion cycles and how they appear as two planes constantly transposed onto one another. The Moche cosmology envisioned certain gates that render the intersections of both planes as a space for events. One of these might be considered the ceremonial or ritual space, a realm in which the distance and division between both worlds would blur. The work aims to explore the ceremonial object both in its native context and as an “unearthed object,” expressing its connection with both ancient narratives and the transience and decay that operate in the natural world. This object, usually presented as a recipient, acts as a gate or a threshold, a geometrical key, and signifies generative space and the readiness preparatory to a transfer between worlds (living/dead, vision/blindness, sacred/profane, etc.)

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ISM Berlin
CAO – Constanza  Bizraelli

Showing at these events:
Mutek Montreal
Gray Area Festival